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Sailor Moon

  Sailor moon is a normal average teenager at Crossroads Junior High school, with bad grades, true friends and a cute boyfriend, Darien.  Sailor Moonís real name is Serena. She has a little brother Sammy, a mother who is a housewife and a father who is a businessman. In school Serena is a dud student but is the most sensitive student and Sailor Scout in the show! She goes to school with Amy and Lita. Rey and Mina go to different schools. Sailor Moon is known as a crybaby because she is hurt easily and VERY sensitive! When Serena is Sailor Moon she is not brave and full of courage. Only her true love, Darien, her friends and Luna (her guardian and friend advisor) can lift up her spirits and bring out the courage inside of her, to defeat the evil villains. The Sailor Scouts donít appreciate Serenaís kind crybaby personality, because on the Moon she was perfect, as all Princesses should be. But on Earth she is a woos and she ALWAYS fails tests, (not the kind of Princess material you would think!) One of her strong points in the show is that she would rather die than study for a minute! At one point of the show Darien broke up with her because, himself in the future spoke to him saying if he was to marry her she would be in great danger! Serena soon had the same dream and they soon got back together.


Name: Serena\ Usagi\ Sailor Moon\ Princess Serena\ Neo Queen Serenity\ Princess Serenity.
Nickname: Meatball head (Darien used to call Serena that in the first series of Sailor Moon episodes.
Age: 14
Birthday: June 30
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: O
Favourite color(s): White Pink
Hobbies: Shopping, playing video games
Favourite Food: ice cream
Worst food: carrots
Favourite subject: Home Economics
Worst subject: Mathís
Strong points: sucking up to people, crying

Voices: Tracy Moore (eps. 1-11,15,21,41) Terri Hawkes (all the rest)